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With personalized features, this travel app assists you in navigating your airport route and trip.


Getting through the airport is proven to be challenging for a large number of passengers.

By overcoming language barriers and implementing reward systems for better travel experiences, Planeit is designed to resolve the anxiety that travelers experience when navigating through airports.


The main target groups include leisure travelers, business travelers, foreign students, and elderly people. The main features include AR navigation, travel tips, waiting time redemption, travel document notification, and travel route planning.

PlaneIt fills demand in the market and relieves consumer complaints about the travel experience.


UIUX Designer




App Design


Emily Carr University of Art + Design




Problem Space

  • The airport is where different people meet together and it is the first place people arrive in a city/country that leaves the first impression.

  • Inside the custom, conceptually, is international, which makes the airport special. This is where the world meets, migration takes place.

  • An airport is also a place that heightens anger, anxiety, and stress unintentionally due to the unique nature of air travel.

  • The airport provided a unique situation where psychology, anatomy, and architecture meet and overlap with the potential to resolve most of the situations leading to anxiety instead create a space designed to be therapeutic rather than induce stress.

User Journey Mapping

  • Needs

    • Tips for trip: travel documents, time, flight information

    • Easy navigation through airports

    • Customized, smooth, and relaxed travel experience

  • Expectations​

    • Reduce wasted time in the airport, get to destination efficiently

    • Ease anxiety inside the airport

    • Reliable airport, airline, and travel information​

  • Journey Mapp​

    • Planned trip: - Enter airline tickets - Enter travel documents information - Choose personal preferences​

    • Route planning: - Search destination cities - Search sceneries - Mark places that would like to visit - Save planned routes

    • Trip preparation: - Check travel documents - Receiving travel tips and notifications - Checklist for travel materials - Download airport map

    • Airport departure: - Airport navigation - Redeem waiting time rewards - Receive notifications for gate check-in




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