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A party game that uses generative AI technologies to offer a unique and personalized multiplayer music experience.


Flow Filler is a collaborative effort that researches and explores the possibility to create engaging party games utilizing generative AI technologyIt is a casual party game that mixes the traditional fill-in-the-blank game with live music performances with the support of text generation AI and voice recognition. The player will act as a rapper and have a complete experience of an underground rap battle throughout the game.


The game's AI-powered rap generator, avatar name association and real-time performance and score system combine to offer a unique and engaging experience that will keep players coming back for more rounds and spark imagination for new games using generative AI.

My contribution to this project includes project management, client communication, primary & secondary research, game design, design & art direction, UIUX design, and documentation.


Project Manager, UIUX Designer




Video Game


Centre for Digital Media | Buffalo Buffalo



** The game has not been officially released, Buffalo Buffalo has the right to keep the game information and asset private.


Our client asked the team to come up with a game, which is a collection of 4 exciting party games. Unlike those competitors, each game will explore a different frontier of AI research. With cross-platform gameplay, players will use their personal mobile or computer devices to compete not just against each other. Flow Filler is one of the 4 games that we came up with and made a high-fidelity digital prototype.

The deliverables our client asked for include a digital prototype of Flow Filler, a detailed game design document of Flow Filler, a high-level game design document for the other three games, party game market research, technical documentation, and a game trailer for Flow Filler.


Throughout the project, I actively participated in and organized team and client communication. I ensured effective communication within the team by sharing progress updates and staying informed about my teammates' tasks through platforms like Slack and Discord. I contributed to improving the team's workflow by organizing tasks, documenting links, and implementing tools like Coda for task management and reminders. I remained active and well-informed on the client's communication platform, ensuring the delivery of every message from the client.

While facing challenges, such as adapting to a new team and managing time constraints, I remained focused on enhancing my leadership and documentation skills. I led several weekly sprints, utilizing various ideation tools such as Crazy 8s, to generate innovative and polished game ideas with my teammates, always striving for efficiency and high standards.

Moreover, I actively participated in ideation sessions, providing valuable insights and feedback to my teammates, and working on refining the project's artistic direction. With a background in design and games, I was able to offer valuable feedback on the product and guide my teammates in the right direction. I contributed to the final game flow as well as the UI/UX wireframes of Flow Filler.

Additionally, I organized several user tests throughout the project to gain insights and different perspectives on the product, in order to refine the game mechanics. Given the project's emphasis on documentation, I authored the Flow Filler game design document, as well as a comprehensive project overview and summary that encompassed business insights.

Overall, our client was really happy about our deliverables and I established a good relationship with them. I made significant progress towards my objectives, acquired new skills and tools, and successfully contributed to the project's overall success.


Screenshot 2023-07-02 163523.jpg
Screenshot 2023-09-21 163448.jpg

​I first led the UI designer on the team to brainstorm some potential mood boards and style that fits the game and came up with a design system.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 163515.jpg

​After several principle playtests with feedback, I was not satisfied with the game flow and wireframe created by the designer on the team so I came up with a thorough gameplay wireframe myself with basic design layouts to lead my teammates to do further user tests with the questions that we would like to answer.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 163617.jpg
Screenshot 2023-09-21 163637.jpg
Screenshot 2023-09-21 163652.jpg
Final Template
Screenshot 2023-09-21 170147.jpg

I revised the art style from the first version made by my teammates and came up with the final templates for both computer and mobile screens, and our client is highly satisfied with the design.


***The design was not shown in detail due to the protection of our client's property.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 165535.jpg
Screenshot 2023-09-21 165557.jpg
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